Behind the plastics market is an established process chain of raw material manufacturers, plastics processors and the users of these materials. Polymaterials has customers from all positions in this process chain.

Large raw material manufacturers make up the largest share in terms of sales, but more projects are carried out with processors and a large number of well-known plastics users. Mostly it is corporations or large medium-sized companies with their own plastics research department, e.g. automotive OEMs and large suppliers in many different industrial sectors, who use our expertise.

We are also working more and more on polymer innovations for SMEs and start-ups that do not have their own infrastructure such as a polymerization and compounding center.


Polymaterials has a large network in polymer research at universities and research institutes, and is active in numerous industrial and industry-related organizations in high-level committees.

Examples of well-known associations and organizations in which we are active are, for example, PlasticsEurope Germany (member of the board), VCI Bayern (head of the “Innovation” working group), DIHK (member of the “Industry and Research” committee), IHK Augsburg-Schwaben (member of Innovation Advisory Board), DECHEMA ProcessNet “Working Party Polyreactions” and “Advisory Board Biomaterials” (Fachbeirat Biomaterialien), FGK (member of the board).

PlasticsEurope Deutschland

Bayerische Chemie­verbände (VBCI und VCI-LV Bayern)

DIHK, Deutscher Industrie- und Handels­kammertag

IHK Augsburg-Schwaben