We stand for open and cooperative innovation projects with our customers. Supported by our technologies and processes as well as our extensive experience in the development and optimization of new materials, we are able to approach a wide range of polymer innovations in a very targeted and, above all, implementation-oriented manner for the benefit of our customers.



in Kaufbeuren (southern Germany)


Originated as an R&D service provider
Founder Award (Gründerpreis) in the "startup" competition of the state of Bavaria


Expansion of laboratories and analytics
Founder Award (Gründerpreis) at "Founder's Workshop" of the state of Bavaria


Establishment of a scale-up and polymerisation pilot plant for polymerizations
in the Chempark Leverkusen; Start-Up Award of the state of Bavaria


Establishment of a compound R&D center
in Kaufbeuren


New compound screening technology X-Plorator®
R&D Innovation Award (F+E Innovationspreis) at the Hannover Fair


Entry into 3D printing materials
Projects in the field of new polymers for 3D printing


Entry into biopolymers
Projects in the field of renewable raw materials and biopolymers


Your experienced and comprehensive partner
in polymer innovation


Dr. Jürgen Stebani

Dr. Jürgen Stebani (CEO)
Phone: +49 8341 99723-0

Dr. Jürgen Stebani is a polymer chemist with many years of industrial experience in responsible positions at Bayer AG in the then plastics division, in research and management as well as in an extensive network in the plastics and chemical industry.

He is co-founder and co-owner of Polymaterials AG and, as CEO of the company, he is a member of the board of Plastics Europe Germany and the DIHK committee for industry and research. He also heads the “Innovation” working group of the Bavarian Chemical Associations.

Dr. Gerhard Maier

Dr. Gerhard Maier (CTO)
Phone: +49 8341 99723-0

Dr. Gerhard Maier is a polymer chemist and lecturer for specialty and high-performance polymers at the Technical University of Munich. He has extensive and many years of experience in the areas of polymerizations, polymer structures and their properties.

He is co-founder and co-owner of Polymaterials AG and, as CTO, represents the company in various specialist groups and working groups, including at DECHEMA e.V., Frankfurt.


Knowledge, willingness to learn, curiosity

At Polymaterials, we start with an excellent knowledge base for the targeted development of polymer innovations. Nevertheless, with every result, with every discussion and with every project, we learn new things and new contexts, which we then use for our customers to make the projects a success. We are driven by curiosity to explore technical and material limits and to overcome them for the benefit of our customers.


Integrity, trust, dealing with “intellectual property”

We generate our specific project goals from the problems and questions of our customers and pursue them with all of our knowledge and skills. We always treat the information given to us by our customers and the specific results obtained in the projects carefully and strictly confidentially for the client. We use general experience, special results always belong to the customer.


Communication, cooperation and team spirit

We communicate openly, honestly and purposefully, both to our customers and internally. It is our firm belief that the best solutions are achieved through an often passionate but always respectful cooperation, both in the project teams with the customers and among colleagues as well as across the entire company. A first-class performance, always a positive attitude and an unconditional willingness to provide service form our basis to turn material ideas and visions into reality for our customers with team spirit.