Polymers for a sustainable future.

Sustainability is not a temporary fashion trend. Sustainability is the future, especially in the field of plastics. We are happy to assist you with our experience and our technologies in the implementation of sustainability goals in the polymer sector.

Avoidance and replacement
of critical raw materials, additives and solvents

Development and optimization of polymers and compounds
based on renewable raw materials

Use of X-Plorator® technology and artificial intelligence to address the challenges of
plastics recycling

Development of new processes for the
chemical recycling of plastics

What is the future of

Wherever polymers or plastics are irreplaceable, e.g. as functional materials, as coatings, or for any other task, they will continue to be used in the future. Wherever there are other material solutions, or the use of plastics can be avoided, the use of polymer materials will continue to come under socio-political pressure, regardless of whether other materials really make more sense from an ecological point of view or not.

The solution for future conflicts of this kind can be a strict emphasis on sustainability issues. This can be achieved through the consistent implementation of circular use of materials and / or through the use of renewable raw materials in combination with renewable energies.

We are happy to support you in the design of polymers for concepts of circular use of plastics, in the optimization and use of recycled plastics, in the replacement of raw materials that are harmful to health or ecology, or in the development and use of polymers based on renewable raw materials. Contact us.


The transition to a circular use of plastics, including the re-use of “used” plastics is the prominent current challenge of the plastics industry. From our point of view, mechanical and chemical recycling of plastics are of equal relevance.

With our X-Plorator® technology at the Kaufbeuren site, we can assist you with the most efficient methods using artificial intelligence in the development of compounds based on recycled plastics. At the Leverkusen site, our polymerisation pilot plant also has equipment and processes for developing and upscaling chemical recycling of plastics.

Plastics from
renewable raw materials.

The use of renewable raw materials will be one of the drivers of polymers and plastics R&D in the future. New “biopolymers”, plant-based, and, where appropriate, also biodegradable, will replace petrochemical materials in a wide variety of applications step-by-step. This will be one of the new ways to close material cycles.

Polymaterials has many years of experience in the synthesis of polymers from plant-based monomers and the development of optimally adapted plastic compounds from biopolymers. The combination of synthesis of new polymers in the laboratory, up-scaling in the pilot plant and the X-Plorator® technology for the development of compounds results in a closed innovation process chain all the way from research and development of plastics from renewable raw materials up to the market launch.