Plastics processing and
material testing.

At the headquarters in Kaufbeuren (southern Germany), we operate a compound-R&D center with extensive equipment. In addition, a number of methods for testing and analytics of thermoplastic compounds are available.

  • Theysohn twin screw extruder, 20 mm, L / D 40
  • Engel “e-motion 200H200W / 100Combi”, fully electric injection molding machine, 1000 kN clamping force
  • Zwick automated tensile testing
  • Zwick, impact test unnotched/notched
  • MVR melt index measuring device
  • Polymer analytics with GPC (gel permeation chromatography), DSC (differential scanning calorimetry), FT-IR (Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectroscopy)
  • Polymaterials “X-Plorator®” – High Throughput Screening System (HTS) using design-of-experiments software and methods of artificial intelligence

Your advantages

Your advantages

Our methods for compound deveopment and testing will convince you. Our patented X-Plorator technology is setting a new standard for compound screening through the application and use of artificial intelligence methods.

Contact person

Dr. Karishma Reinold Phone: +49 8341 99723-42