The planetary roller extruder (PWE) for
polymer synthesis and work-up.

New in polymer processing and reactive extrusion: the planetary roller extruder, PWE. Its immense advantages compared to conventional extruders: large exchange surface, exact temperature control, excellent scalability from laboratory to production, comparatively long residence times. In Polymaterials pilot plant facility, there are two PWEs available, a lab scale unit (PWE-50, approx. 5-20 kg/h) and a pilot plant version (PWE-70, 15-100 kg/h).

Try out these novel machines. Maybe we can convert a discontinuous process into a more efficient continuous one for you, too. Examples are the removal of volatile components (solvents, monomers, condensation products) from polymer melts, reactive extrusion, in which a reaction, for example a polymerization (especially free radical and ring-opening polymerization) is carried out directly in the extruder, or the compounding of a thermoplastic resin with additional components directly during or after polymerization.

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Your advantages

Your advantages

The planetary roller extruder, PWE, a new unit in polymer synthesis and reactive extrusion. Try out our PWEs in a fully equipped polymerization pilot plant together with our experienced and highly competent operating team.

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Dr. Gerhard Maier (CTO) Phone: +49 8341 99723-0
Wolfgang Paczenski (plant manager) Phone: +49 214 2605 42850