in the pilot plant.

Polymaterials has a large number of processes and equipment available, which can be combined to meet the varying demands for synthesis, scale-up and process development on a pilot plant scale. In detail, these are various batch processes as well as semi- and continuous processes using planetary roller extruders:

  • Chain growth polymerizations: free radical, controlled radical, ionic, ring-opening, transition metal catalyzed (solution, melt, emulsion, suspension)
  • Step growth polymerizations: e.g. B. polyamides, polyesters, polycarbonates, polyurethanes, high-performance polymers
  • Production of dispersions and emulsions
  • Reactors: 3 – 3000 liters volume
  • Autoclaves: 5 – 200 liters volume (up to 30 bar)
  • Reactors in stainless steel, Hastelloy, enamel and glass, in different sizes
  • Distillation, filtration, glass ball mills, dryers, freeze-drying
  • Planetary roller extruder (PWE)
    • 50 mm laboratory PWE: approx. 5 – 20 kg / h
    • 70 mm pilot plant PWE: approx. 20 – 100 kg / h

Your advantages

Your advantages

The staff in our pilot plant has a proven track-record and many years of experience in the synthesis and work-up of polymers. Our team includes five chemical and process engineers, which guarantees a high level of personal expertise. If necessary for a project, we can switch from a two-shift to a three-shift system at any time and thus ensure a continuous processes for polymerization and work-up.

Contact persons

Wolfgang Paczenski
(plant manager)
Phone: +49 214 2605 42850
Dr. Cüneyt Alpan
(industrial chemist)
Phone: +49 214 2605 42850
Dario Coenen
(operations engineer)
Phone: +49 214 2605 42850