Pilot plant and

At our site in Chempark Leverkusen, we have an extensively equipped pilot plant for polymerization with an experienced and highly competent operating team.

The main topics of our projects are the synthesis and processing of new, customer-specific polymers, as well as process development and the upscaling of processes to the ton scale. Our current capacity is approx. 250 tons per year.

Our planetary roller extruders for reactive extrusion as well as polymer processing and work up are an uncommon specialty in a polymerization plant. As far as we know, we are the only company that operates such units in a fully equipped polymer synthesis pilot plant for use in contract projects.

Our customers are chemical corporations who want to outsource development activities, large medium-sized companies that let us develop “their” new material, but also start-ups for whom we produce sample quantities and scale-up their ideas to an industrial scale.