Compound screening rethought, that is our in-house X-Plorator® technology. The technology is designed for the screening and development of new thermoplastic plastic compounds. Modern IT methods (“design-of-experiment” software) are combined with fast processing steps for quick creation of compounds and test specimens. The properties are measured, and the data are then used to create customer-specificmodels that can predict property profiles for optimization of compounds and blends.

Faster, more comprehensive, cutting-edge technology: The X-Plorator® is the ideal introduction to “artificial intelligence” (AI)-based compound R&D. Use this technology to combine the experience of your specialists with artificial intelligence.

Your advantages

Your advantages

Our X-Plorator® technology, the connection of human experience with methods of artificial intelligence and fast processes for compound screening. Find out how you can improve your compounds, make them more cost-efficient and start a completely new era of compound innovations together with us.

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Dr. Karishma Reinold Phone: +49 8341 99723-42
Dr. Gerhard Maier (CTO) Phone: +49 8341 99723-0

First steps towards
AI-based compound development.

Example of customer-specific planning of experiments

Very fast execution of sample production and testing, requiring very little material, wide search window and recognition of the relationships between the properties of a compound and its components, that is what our X-Plorator® technology delivers. In addition, the interactions, positive and negative, between the components will become visible. From the measured data, we obtain a predictive model of the properties of compounds within the selected ranges of composition. This systematic and comprehensive recording of compound recipes is the ideal basis for starting an AI-based compound R&D.

What is required for this? Knowledge of how to select the components, and (generously) chosen concentration ranges. We will design the plan of experiments in close cooperation with our customers, produce the compound and test specimens, perform the measurements, evaluate the results and create the model for the resulting multi-dimensional compound space. This is the basis for our customer’s ability to find recipes with new property profiles extremely quickly in the future.

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